Great, But When Compared To The Original Deus Ex, Human Revolution Is A Bit Of A Dissapointment

User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC
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Ah, finally a new Deus Ex, does it live up to the original, it does come close but is definitely lacking in, forgive me for saying, a few major areas. Don't get me wrong, Human revolution is an excellent game, it's just that it's a bit of a let down, especially when compared to the likes of the original. However, having said that there are a lot of pleasing things about this game, like the stealth, though there could have been more of it, it is fun and enjoyable. Then there's the gun-play, which is also fun, but is still a bit of a gimmick (which is something commonly seen in a game more geared toward stealth). also, something that at first was kind of off and hard to figure out how it worked, is the hacking counterpart of the game. Once you get used to it it's actually quite fun, and it does take some minor brain smarts to figure out how to hack a computer system before you sound an alarm in trying to do so. Okay, you're probably wondering what is so disappointing about Human Revolution, well I'm going to tell you. what's so disappointing about Human Revolution is the fact that for being the prequel to Deus Ex (the game that defined choice making in interactive entertainment) and having come out in the age where so many games since the year 2000 have incorporated some sort of choice making options into their gameplay, is because for being set in the Deus Ex universe, you'd think that Human Revolution would have had a lot more, said, choice making options as well as a lot more outcomes for each level and the plot itself, as well as more gameplay options too. but don't let my complaints keep you away from playing this game, because despite its let downs and minor disappointments (which if you're like me can be much more disappointing then usual) Human Revolution is a very well done thriller that has plenty of fun and excitement on offer. If only the game itself would have been a revolution, but if anything, at the very least it's an evolution for this great and highly innovative series.

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Verdict: 8/10 = Replay Value: good (around 2 or more) = Average Playtime: around 10 hours

Fun Factor: very fun = Controls: very good = Gameplay: strong


Stealth: very fun = Gun-Play: good = Cover-System: tight