Lots of problems with this game but the main one - it simply isn't any fun!

User Rating: 3 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3

When this game got released I was so disappointed in it because the original is the-best-game-ever, but now I have come to peace with that and simply dislike this game and find it boring.

Screw the yellow piss filter, the health regen, the third person takedowns, the cardboard characters - I could put up with them, but I simply cannot believe in that game world! I don't find it attractive in any way and I have absolutely no desire to explore it! It has NO atmosphere!

I hate those shiny plastic grafix, that every square meter is filled with trash that constantly distracts me. I hate that stupid hacking minigame. A supposedly immersive game cannot have a minigame that lasts longer than several seconds.

It would be stupid to ever expect a worthy sequel to Deus Ex, but Human Revolution is far from even being simply a decent game.