Deus Ex:HR takes some time to get u involved,but once it does,you would keep on playing this magnificent tale for hours

User Rating: 8.5 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
It starts with a gr8 cut-scene,and another n another,,but when u start playing it actually as Adam Jensen,u feel a bit let-down,cause of the contrast between the cut-scenes n the real game play,,and also as u start roaming around the city of Detroit(after a couple of initial missions),u feel confused n delirious-where to go? or how to go? But once u do realize,it all becomes fun n Deus Ex:HR becomes hard to resist!!!!!!

Story-One of the best in recent games,it touches the aspects of humanity,success,n power,,,and gets modified as per the various choices u make.
U start as Adam Jensen,an ex-SWAT who is hired by Sarif Industries(which is a big name related to Human-Augmentation and all),as a security chief,on the suggestion of the lead researcher Dr. Megan Reed(ur ex-GF).Things are going pretty well n u r preparing to visit New York with the Company,where Dr. Reed will address the public on her new research,,until u get a breech in the compound,n find ur life shattered,,n the researches gone.Sarif brings u back to life using the technology,n u must inquire the reason for the attack n killings of scientists n ur beloved Megan!!!!!!

Combat-Pretty realistic,u can take 5-6 bullets b4 going down,n ur enemies r pretty stronger because of this aspect,melee is absent,,but u can stealthily take-down the enemies(kill or neutralize) by using ur new avatar(it's restricted though,u have to wait down for recharge to take place,or eat some energy boosters).
A lot of guns n ammos are available,but the real fun is take down.Besides usual enemies,u have robots n turrets n security cameras to take care of.Use ur hacking skills or grenades or powerful attacks for that(Typhoon).

Boss Fights-Deserve a special mention,,u have practically 3 boss-fights,all against augmented mercs,n r pretty tough n exciting,especially the one in the beginning.But proper use of Praxis points(for updating ur system),can make them pretty easy!!!!

Environment-Dull in the beginning,,restrictive after that,but once u update,,u will get the bigger picture,,it's pretty balanced,n huge given the fact that u have to walk/run throughout the game!!!!!Still dull compared to cut-scenes!!!!

Role-Play-The choices u make n the amount of interactions available r pretty interesting,that makes the role-playing element cool.Updating after leveling up or buying upgrades really help a lot too,though using the right upgrades is essential to progress in the game,,otherwise it becomes too tough!!!!

A note on augmentation:Following augmentations can significantly help u,,the rest r practically useless-
1)Hacking Capture(all)
2)Hacking Stealth(all)
4)Gas Immunity(lungs 1st)
5)Damage reduction(whole,even EMP one)
6)Jumping high(in legs)
7)Social Enhancer
8)Carrying Capacity
9)Heavy Lifting
10)Icarus Landing
Go for 1,3,5,7,9,8,10 n 6 in that order first
If u roam around and complete the side-quests,u will get enough Praxis kits to unlock these n others!!!!!!

Happy gaming!!!