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I picked up the DLC I know this game has been out for a while but, I remember the glitch to gain more XP, skill points, money, hacking items etc. but the problem was the computer that gave you the most XP (Jensen's Computer) once hacked is unhackable for a long time. Any computer with the red node and good loot can be glitched but will no longer be hackable anymore, unless..... Well just throwing this out there, if you were to save a game right before you hack Jensen's computer and keep that save file for the whole game. You could come back later in the game to use this glitch. New skill points are achieved every 5000 points so it's not really taxing on time if you want 1 extra or 3 extra points. So what you do is find a hackable computer (previously people thought you need one that can be hacked via the red tracing node) but any computer that can be hacked will work, you could be really late in the game (and Jensen's computer is available early on) it doesn't matter. You can save a game right in front of a hackable computer, go to your save point right in front of Jensen's computer and hack away (look up hacking glitch) until you are done. Now here is where you hit X to get your points but don't! Just load your save on the screen that says you received your XP, to your new save in front of your new computer. If it is a computer that lets you hack the red node you can keep the glitch going, if it doesn't have the red node just hack the new computer once and hit X and your XP from your hacking glitch on your old save will some how be rewarded to your late game save file... don't ask me how. So here it is without the wall of text: (1 - Save in front of and before hacking Jensen's computer and KEEP SAVE POINT THE WHOLE GAME (2 - Find a hackable computer later in game, and save in front of it but don't hack it yet (3 - load save file with in front of Jensen's computer (4 - Hack glitch normally (5 - When done do not hit X, just load your latest save in front of your new computer, late in game no red node doesn't matter (5 - Hack new computer and hit X (6 - Profit ???? So to clarify, the computer you want loot from must be hackable via the red node. However you can finish this glitch on any save point on any hackable device, red node or not. Say you find a computer that gives you money, Nuke and Stop Worm you could make a save and keep that save file to come back to it to hack glitch it for loot. All you have to do to is save your current game in front of any computer/security panel before hacking it. Load your hackable red node computer you want loot from (doesn't matter how far back in the game it is), hack glitch the red node computer/panel, then load your latest save in front of any hackable device and hack it once and hit X. You can combine loot by hacking a red trace node, and load save in front of another hackable red trace node. If your current game doesn't have a hackable red trace node just hack the device once hit X and your loot will carry over to your new save. Don't ask how, but even if it doesn't have the red node you will notice it gives you everything from your old save file hacking glitch. Enjoy! - Someone who plays Deus Ex too much