Don't suppose there's any way to check if I've tripped an alarm?

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Going for the Foxiest of Hounds achievement, and I know for a fact that I've never had one set off in the "traditional" sense, but I've hacked everything in sight. While I know that I've let the timer hit zero and then attempted again, I'm PRETTY sure I reloaded anyway (I quickly realized that reloading was faster than waiting for the 30 seconds). Soooo, now I'm at a point where I kinda want to abandon my all-in-one-playthrough attempt for fear that I let an alarm slip by, and that I'll spend the whole game playing super stealthily and reloading only to have the achievement not pop when I finish.

This isn't too muc of the problem (I wouldn't mind playing through again, though I doubt I'd have time), it's just that this achievement goes hand-in-hand with the Pacifist one, and I don't want to play through twice using the same playstyle. I guess I could just start killing people now, though I ditched a hell of a lot of ammo.

In any case, no way to check if I've ever tripped an alarm, is there?

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Letting the timer hit zero and then having to wait to try again doesn't count as an alarm, does it?

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It does, apparently. That's what worries me; that's definitely happened to me, but I can't remember if I reloaded afterward or let it slide, assuming it didn't count.