Any way to STASH items? These weapon mods are killing my inventory

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I've been playing to get Pacifist and so don't need the mods for the most part, but seems a shame to sell em off, as they go for a pittance. Also, as related in another post, I discovered I may have botched my Foxiest of Hounds achievement by hacking, so might just say f*ck it and start using lethal weapons anyway.

In the meantime, is there any way to stash items? If I drop them on the ground, will they remain there indefinitely? If I drop them and leave Detroit then return later, will they remain?


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If there is, I haven't found a way to stash items. Try increasing your inventory capacity through an augmentation. If you still need room, just drop the items. You;ll find plenty more. I haven't been back to Detroit yet.

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There is a place you can stash them in your apartment, its a hidden safe behind a painting or something. I don't see why you wouldn't just combine them with weapons you own or if your not planning on using weapons just sell them.