It doesn't make sense...There is nothing special about this game...But it is just so much fun to play over and over!

User Rating: 7.9 | Destruction Derby 64 N64
A friend of mine had this game back in the day, and after playing it I loved it so much, I had to get it for myself. That was years ago, and this is still one of the games I plug into my N64 the most today.

The controls are as average as you can expect. Hit one button to accelerate, another to brake, and use the analog stick to steer. You can temporarily adjust the camera while you are driving, but there isn't much reason to do that.

The graphics are also not much to talk about. Basic car models that take damage. The environments are especially bland. As your car takes more damage, smoke starts pouring from under the hood. Nothing really eye-catching at all.

The soundtrack is typical for racing games of the era, back before real songs were licensed for use in games. You'll listen to generic techno-ish music the whole way through. Also, there is an announcer, who will randomly yell encouragement or taunts. A little bit annoying.

However, the game features a lot of unlockables. Lots of cars and race tracks are available for you to get by winning race circuits and beating time trials. Unlike the default cars, the unlockables are pretty cool, and you'll want to call dibs on your favorite.

The multiplayer is great. There are a number of options. Destruction race, Destruction Arena, Bomb Tag and Capture the Flag. CTF is still what I play the most. You can play with up to 3 other people, so the fun can go on for hours!

However, the scoring system is nonsensical. It is common to see the computer award less than 5 points for a crushing hit, and then upwards of 20 when another car sideswipes you. Frustrating as that can be, just look past that and have a blast beating the crap out of the other cars!