A very funny, if slightly too short, fun game to play and enjoy

User Rating: 8 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
DAH POTF is a fairly good game to play. there are several new weapons and much better locations than other games. One downside is that enemies like the nexos are hard and boring to kill. However the missions were immersive and interesting to play. One wish that I have is that their were ore side missions or even a series of side missions like in DAH 2. The tasks were gun to play but a little difficult to find at times. The new saucer is great and fighting in the air is a great idea that should've been introduced ages ago. One major problem for me is that they removed multiplayer. Well not remove just limited it to several games instead of running around with your clone killing together. One thing this game does allow is the great destruction of humans and machines which is very important considering the title and using temporal fist and ion detonators adds a whole new dimension to the destruction of humans.
Overall play this game but just don't rush a decision to buy it.