reviewers are full of SH*T!

User Rating: 8 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
Hello there i am professor Shoop D. Woop the 32nd and i will be your therapist today, please take a seat. Yes... wonderful Corinthian leather. now what was your name sir? Aaron Thomas you say? ah well do you know what this is? yes thats right! its a video game controller! now you see it is used to play video games which are used for both fun and entertainment, by people of all ages! whats that you say? games are not fun unless they are samey brown and grey cover shooters with annoying angsty characters? well maybe you should have a try of this game! its called destroy all humans: path of the furon and i think... oh my! please Mr Thomas do NOT throw things around the room! yes i know the graphics arent amazing but... what did you say? OF COURSE GAMEPLAY MATTERS YOU IGNORAMUS! no dont no no put that down do not call rockstar we do not need another cover shooter! THAT IS IT! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE YOU WASTE OF LIFE! THIS GAME IS FUN AND IF YOU ARE TOO CONCERNED WITH GRAPHICS AND MONEY TO CARE ABOUT GAMEPLAY THEN I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU SIR! good day!