game spot reviewer dos not give it enof credit

User Rating: 10 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
its a good game if u like the style if u dont then dont play it gamespot only seems to b*** about it and the rasist stero typs are there as a joke and a refrence to how ppl thout back then so grow the f*** up.
its like the other games reminds me most of stubbs the zombie campy and unappalagectic i wish there were more games like it instead of all the halo and call of duty rip offs and sequills. its nice to see a game that is willing to be politicly incorect and make jokes about its self. yes there some annoying things but what game is perfect none they all have 1 or 50000 things we dont like and to be so rude about a game just cuz it rubed u the rong way is bs dont be afended bye games. if u played the others then u know what to exspect. and its nice to see a game that points out the stero types of all races rather then just whitey .