User Rating: 7 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
In Destroy all Humans Path of the Furon you must defeat the nexos and continue the plan for harvesting human DNA. Crypto now a casino owner is threaten by the mob after Crypto defeats the mob he is attacked by the nexos after the battle Pox makes him destroy his casino and all the others, so Crypto sets out to find the leader of the nexos. Crypto has many new versions of his old weapons and he also has a few new weapons. The saucer has been advanced and has better handling than before and the jet pack can take you higher and faster than before. Some of the new weapons are useful like the black hole gun which will suck any enemies into its vortex smashing everything together then blowing it everywhere, while others like the Venus Human Eating Plant which must be fed it`s prey. Upgrading is a little easier and a little harder. It`s easier by not having to find probes and by being able to to upgrade weapons to maximum power with out being at a certain point in the game. It`s harder by raising the prices on upgrades so you can`t just go out kill people and expect to be able to buy an upgrade. Overall this game is fun, but dosen`t catch the feeling of the first or second one.