While you may expect this game to BE all its was cracked up to be its not.

User Rating: 7.5 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
Lets start with the story you start off in a DAH! version of Las Vegas called Las Paradiso so Crypto seems to be looking his best in my eyes having a casino making a little cash on the side and he has respect well maybe not everyone one hates him. Yes the building look better instead of the usual two or three stories these are twenty or forty high, but the way buildings go down is like seeing a soufle go wrong. A real bummer after you worked so hard on it.
Up to you get a timestop ability the story is great after however its all downhill not very steep but still gets worse.

Now the humor however is still grand,dialogue is great, and at times when Pox describes the mission for you you'll find yourself pressing A since they can be very long and boring.

The weapons on both Crypto and his new sled one that flies anyway are relativley weaker but look better I swear I find myself using my first weapon more often than lets say the Ion Detonator all the weapons THEMSELVES look great but the business end is much like a water gun all look but still the same blast as a little water pistol. Now on to the saucer while you may find yourself using some weapons in where their not as good more often than ones that are meant for that particular situation. While everyone who's played DAH! 1&2 knows what the most destructive weapon in the games is. Yes THAT weapon and its CHARGEABLE yes CHARGEABLE! As if it wasn't strong enough already. It even looks better now plus you get this gun before the game ends not like last second but a few hours before it ends.

Onto the multiplayer same old same old to DAH! 1 why not 2? Because of lack of cooperative play me and my friend were hoping it was still there seriously. What is the multiplayer then? Well there Abductorama bringing in the Abducta Beam while you may think its to grab as many humans as you can before you run out of time and out-abduct your friend its not you simply need to pick up as Crypto calls him "My PAC-MAN friend" and hold onto him as long as you can while the other player has to snatch it from him.
The Brain-O-Matic has you grab humans and throw him/her into the BOM to get more brains than your other.
Ion Soccer is actually self explanatory the only multiplayer game thats actually worth a shot.

Now this game isn't worth 60 bucks more like 45 its still grand once you start but it gets old. Buy this if your a DAH! fan 4 life if your not go buy something else.