It was close to being an excellent treasure, but failed. Still a great time waster though.

User Rating: 7 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
Gamespot's review is forgetting the simple aspect of fun. This game will provide fun to the great fans of the first destroy all humans when it came out.

-The graphic complaints are unwarranted, they are much improved over the first game. They are just not up to some of the AAA budget titles out on 360. But they are still 360 quality.
-The story is mildly captivating but this game is really more about giving you weapons to destroy humans than watching a intricate story.
-Weapons available are excellent. With a great variety and the old classics still great. They give some entertaining moments.
-Saucer is vastly improved over the original. It now does resemble serious alien weaponry. The graphics tie in nicely to this.
-people complain about framerate issues but i havent found this to be too bothersome.
-the fact that it isnt a full retail price makes it a very worthwhile purchase.

-With such a large game put into open world the developers left alot of glitches in which are really annoying but not game breaking.
-The main glitch being people disappear sometimes when u turn your back to them and than look back. I have just gotten used to these due to my strong love for being an alien destroying humans.
-Cut scenese seem choppy, but it doesnt bother me much.

This game is a must for those that had the original but skipped DAH2 and Big Willy unleashed due to how poor they looked. It may have some problems but there is no other game where you can bodysnatch humans while throwing cars around.