DAH! Path of the Furon is in some sense a bad game but its so bad its good!

User Rating: 8 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
Words can't describe how amazing Path of the Furon is,but this game also has its share of flaws.

I have to say though Path of the Furon is most definitely an improvement from Big Willy Unleashed, while this is true also the story is a little more lengthy.

Now the flaws to this game: Boss Battles can be way to easy, In-Sinc dialogue is rarely ever found during cutscenes.

So the graphics, well to me the graphics look "good" but i wouldn't say they were ugly it just looks rushed in some parts, but others parts look real nice.

The story, i can tell is lengthier than BWU and the original voice actors from DAH! 1 and 2 are back making the vocals sound alot better than before.

As for the story i won't comment on for the sake of spoilers.

Overall Path of the Furon is one of the better installments into the DAH! series, while not perfect though i think it needs a little more praise then what it's getting.