Racist, Yes, Ugly, Yes, Over Hyped by makes, Most definitly. Ill admit it this game was disappointing and unkind

User Rating: 5 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
To start much of the things Gamespot has said about the game are true yes its racist, yes its ugly, but the little joke about the way it looked was kinda like something a four year old might say soo to you gamespot...really?

The game was in my opinion fun, but for me fun is mindless destruction. Speaking of which the high-fi destruction was a complete lie on the makers fault, and they talked about awesome explosions which i don't believe i saw. The weapons were underpowered (ok its the tornadotron) and that makes the game that much more annoying.

The graphics were last-gen and at time it was like playing on my ps2 again...sorry DAH i'm not going back to that horrible place again. In the games defense Crypto's head was cool, along with his saucer. But from Destroy all Humans 2 i think there was a graphical DOWNGRADE.

The difficulty was like skipping through gum drop forest, oh wait all games are like that now.

If you liked the other games you might like this, or if your a fan of crude humor. Other than that you'll wana avoid this game