Crypto's latest adventure is a mixed bag.

User Rating: 6 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
Never before have I had such mixed feelings about a game. I love it, and I hate it. But in the end, it's more love than hate. Why don't we start with the positive stuff first? Crypto and Pox are great characters, and their conversations are sometimes very amusing. The weapons are awesome, really destructive and more importantly, they're fun to use. The upgrade system is easy to use. The jetpack is really cool, and I recommend you'll upgrade it to the fullest as soon as possible. You'll need it during one boss fight that I'll bring up later. Most of the missions are really fun, and only, maybe 3 missions are really annoying. Now the negative stuff.

Whoa, I have never played a game with this many bug and glitches. Characters run through walls, get stuck on various stuff. Things not working properly during missions. Dialogue not kicking in when it's supposed to. And just a bunch of other minor graphical flaws. The framerate is awful, going from bad to worse to, sometimes, atrocious. But the game is still playable. The graphics are not good either. The humour often relies on cartoonish stereotypes that gets pretty offensive at times. The first boss fight in Sunnywood forces you to act like a coward if you're gonna make it out alive. You have to use the jetpack plenty of times to get away and regenerate your health.

Overall, you'll have fun, as long as you don't have enormous expectations.