I playd it for a short while and it is kinda good but if u dont have any DAH games get the 2nd or 3rd

User Rating: 7 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
it aint that good but if ur in a bad mood its great to kill to no end so thats a good thing about it but i prefer the 2nd one cause it is by far the best so if u want to get a DAH game get the 2nd one cause its WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY better then the other three and it has a better story line. but the new one does have a pretty kool story to it so thats probibly y i like it more than most people and i noticd that the game did not get many good reviews from critics or users but mabye im one of the few who like the game but mabye its just me. Well that was my review of the 4th game in thr DAH seires hope some people agree with what i think and hope they make one more thet doesent suck more than the Agua teen hunger force game that one realy blows. One guy i know actuly likes that game he was later takin to a mentil institution and moked for playing that peice of CRAP worthless trash poor excuse of a game.