this game is just good for me

User Rating: 10 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
i think this game is good because: it is funny, it is now more a challenge then the first two Destroy all humans and the weapons are better.
some of you people don`t know why we play the game: is fun to play it
two.this game has a good single player, the multi player had to be a bit better but it is good for me
three.the grafics are a lot better then the first two destroy all humans so thats a big plus
four.the pk an some other special powers are very good it think
five.and some other things that you can find yourself or already know
now that crypto is back makes playing on my xbox 360 a lot more fun.
and at last it does not matter what some of you people think about this , i just keep playing it
and people this game is a lot better then Big Willy Unleashed.
for the people that have fun in this game i think you must go on with ths game even when it is getting a littel bored after that it wil just get better