Terrible game!

User Rating: 3 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
OK people this is the most lamest,boring,stupidest game i have ever played the story line is laughable ,and in the rest of the series there was always a wish crack coming from the little alien but in this there was nothing the only thing i laughed at was the poor graphics,gamers don't buy this its a waste of time! back to the graphics they haven't changed sense the first destroy all humans and thats absolutly pathetic! Because the first was mad for the original xbox and with todays technology it should have been thirty times the game it was.Now gamers i would like your feed on this review so please send me a message on what you thought of this game.I just really hope that this review helps in saving some gamers some of there well erned money because i no i wouldnt pay over 10 dollars for this game.so ya gamers send me a message on what you thought.