Power of the Furons!

User Rating: 10 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
First of all this Game is amazing even its feel like ur playing an incomplete game,The graphics i expected better but its amazing in front of DAH 1 and 2.i never really liked how buildings fall in DAH 2 this one feel more realastic,the new guns ara amazing like the black hole gun with can absorb anything in it and the funny suberballer witch is similar to the dislocator and the plasma cannon for the ufo is great too.the old guns are now even better like the quantum deconstructer which wil make u realy crazy to destroy anything in your path!the missions are fun and great to do,some ppl say its crap cos the technical flaws,well maybe its a bit incomplete like texture takes time to load and some glicthes but fans wil find this better than the others

i simply want to say to the fans of DAH to get this one cos the destrcuction this time is very more fun and realistic then the others