Path of the Furon is my new love...

User Rating: 9 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
Alright, so on Tuesday and I want to best buy (after looking at a few other stores) and it wasn't on the shelf. After waiting almost a year and praying for the release date to come, I nearly hit the little kid next to me begging his mom to let him play "gotar heewo". I asked a guy who worked there to look it up in there system, it didn't show. he said the system updates slowly, though. so he left to go check something, he said. 5 minutes later he came back holding what was the greatest site of my life at that moment... a copy of Destroy all Humans! Path of the Furon. he said that there were only 3 copies in the back storage room! and that they got them on Sunday morning at 8! it hadn't even been released yet! so it was plastic wraped, but that was it. we rang it up and it came out 39.99! not 60! And they only had three copies, total! is the game THAT underground and underated? some people... but I didn't care, I was holding the game in my hands for the first time ever. I had dreams of that moment. so enough of my life story. I got home, popped in the game and my system had to do dooo. So, the main screen comes up, it was a yellow gold with a semi transparent video of some awesome gameplay in the background! I sign in, click new game and wait for it to start up. it takes my to a great opening cutscene with some funny dialog, but I won't spoil anymore of the story. I played for about 8-9 hours straight, loving it! At first, i was a bit disapointed because it was kinda buggy and glitchy and the framerate was pretty bad at times, but just simply switching from 450p (which I have no idea why that was on, we have a 60 inch plasma flat screen) to 1080i did the trick, the graphics looked super high def and amazingly, most of the glitchyness went away! The gameplay and missions are really fun. the weapons are really weak at first, but earn some DNA and shop at the local Pox Mart and you can get fixed up with some cool upgrades, you'll be good to go! when in the saucer, refilling on ammo and health is almost like cheating! it is so easy to pick up a car with the ubducto beam and suck up its energy to refill on health or transmogrify it into easy, fast ammo. Pk magnet it so much fun and time stop/temporal fist can do some really fun damage! the story is decent with some pretty funny dialog in the cut scenes. so, let me break my review down into some numbers.
Graphics: 8.5/10 (cartoonish, but thats what it is, right?) Gameplay: 9/10 Story: 8/10 Missions: 8.6/10 Difficulty: easy/medium. I love this game and anybody who reads this should totally consider getting it. And Europe, sorry for you :(