Its the 70s man, turn up them groovy vibes and let me ya little somethin' about DAH! - Hail to the king baby

User Rating: 8.5 | Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon X360
This game is fun. Its one of those ones that you know about or you don't. Its not revolutionary, its not gritty and realistic. Its just fun. Taking over cities with the help of alien powers is a blast, and blasting the city to bits is a blast. Taking on hordes of FBI agents is great and hurling them through the air and at pedestrians with your mind is even more fun. The physics engine is crazy, things go flying everywhere, the only gun that doesn't lift a car off the ground is the anal probe, but it does its damage else where let me tell ya. The graphics are nothing fancy, and a step away from being quirky. The visuals really set the mood when your getting ready to dive in because its not a game your supposed to take seriously, and all the jokes are just hilarious if you can catch them. Krypto even makes fun of Jaws, Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog. You'll see some interesting locations for a game that starts out in the perfect setting (Las Vegas). Paris and China are prime examples of a great place to settle down and invade. The powers and weapon upgrades are back and the new additions are great like the Frisbee gun and my personal favorite the Rainbow gun. There's actually a glitch to car surf if you have good timing. The main goal here is a good time, and it seriously delivers. If you're ready to take a break from a long day or just from all the action-packed shooters, then welcome to DAH!