Destroy All Humans is a good game but it is short and could use some variations to the missions.

User Rating: 6.8 | Destroy All Humans! XBOX
The game has a nice variety of weapons for your character and his space ship. The different weapons all have their uses and do work well in the game. Both on foot and in your ship handle well and are easy to use. The enemy has a decent AI, but you will see an enemy run into a wall for a second here and there. Along with your weapons you can “holobob” which is to turn yourself into a hologram of a human and also is a well-done psychokinetic ability, which is fun way to destroy and help you complete your missions. The game has some unique missions, but you’ll mostly be doing the same kind of tasks over and over and it because a bit dull, though the game is pretty short that you won’t have that much time to get to sick of repetitive mission types.

The game looks good overall, Crypto your character looks good, and so does his ship. But, the people themselves, don’t look as good as you and could use a few more polygons. But they are definitely competent and look better then the random people in GTA. The cities look good the cars and buildings look just fine and believable with little touches like lawn mowers and plastic lawn flamingos in people’s yards. The game has some great looking explosions in it, especially when using the death ray in your ship. The worst thing about the graphics would be that there is some pop in, but other then that and unpolished people the game looks great.

There are some nice in game themes, and while there aren’t a ton of them, what’s there is good. The game has competent voice acting and I personally liked some of Crypto’s line, though a lot of the credit should go to the dialog, but there were definitely some really good reads on some of the lines. And like I mentioned it got a dynamite script with lots of great jokes. The games sound effects are well done as well.

The biggest issue with the game is that it is rather short and isn’t the kind of game were you can play much after you beat the campaign mode. There’s no multiplayer or online mode. The only time you’ll play it again is to replay though the single player mode and I can’t imagine you’d want to relive a lot of the missions after the first few, because a lot of the unique gameplay missions and jokes are in the first few and the more repetitive stuff is a little further in, that you wouldn’t need to replay. There is an archive of stuff with game stats and videos but that doesn’t provide much entertainment for very long either.

Overall, I liked this game, but the length and missions were the only negatives. There are a variety of mission types they just don’t keep you that interested and they just seem to be more difficult instead of different types of mission objectives. The game is hard, and some missions will have you stumped for a few days, but unfortunately there more annoying then really challenging. Maybe if the game was longer I’d have gotten sicker of it, like Doom 3? I’m not sure, all I can say is it’s not a horrible game by any means but, don’t expect a classic from this uniquely themed game because in a small way it’s sort of a GTA clone with missions in large cities that is overused in today’s games. I personally loved the humor and like I say it’s far from horrible but not great either.