A sad turn for the future of fps games.

User Rating: 6 | Destiny (Limited Edition) PS4
I wanted to get into Destiny and not for my history with sci-fi fps shooters but for my history with Bungie's version of Halo. The GOOD Halo, anyway. The beginning opened my eyes to a surprisingly thorough character customization. 3 different races, 2 genders for each and a crap load of combinations to choose from. So with my customized alien done, I was ready to embark on the magical world of Destiny! The gunplay was always a strong point in Halo and Destiny shines with a system just as strong but throws in some Borderlands like point grinding so you can power up your character even further. From the beginning, the game feels like a very average shooter. But a bit further in and Destiny takes you to a very bizarre supernatural corner of the game that grants you crazy magic powers. My character is a Titan so I ended up with a hammer that made me into a fiery version of Thor. I understand that every character class has a different power and there's 3 to choose from. Titan, Hunter and Warlock(probably spelled that wrong). Each class is tailored to how you play and offers some replay value if you ever want to try another warrior class. The missions are plentiful but the real coarse is The Taken King storyline. This is the most interesting part and the most you'll ever see your character talk so be sure to follow it all the way through. Outside of The Taken King and you will be met by an unsightly simulation of being in space. Packed with a whole lot of nothing to do but repetitive missions or kill time in the Crucible and join some multiplayer deathmatches. All in all, Destiny is fun in short bursts but after a while; things get boring and there's not enough to keep you interested outside of the Taken King. Try as it might Destiny just doesn't feel like that groundbreaking game we were promised.