It's your Destiny, guardian!!!

User Rating: 6 | Destiny PS3

Destiny for the Sony Playstation 4 is a massive multiplayer first person shooter in which you can create your character's look and have a class that have unique power as a guardian and roam in some place on the planet. The game begins after you finish creating your character, show some scenery and then you see this thing which are call "Ghosts", who is looking for survivors to be a Guardian (A human/awoken (some human-like race)/robot) to take back the planets from the darkness, that been in wars, millions of years. As the "Ghost" revive you, you need to escape and go to the tower to gear up and then go on mission (story and strike missions) and later when you level is high enough you can play the multiplayer part where you can with other players. The gameplay in Destiny is like any first person shooter, but have a different classes that give you power, a titian class is more like heavy armor built that could withstand damage from the enemy most and not very agile, which kind of leave a titan getting expose to other class, when playing player vs player online matches, a warlock class is more like a magic user, they use magic and their specials could shoot from away unlike the titan, which have to be close to the enemy and the last player class is a hunter, which is more agile than the warlock but lack in both armor and magic but made it up for speed and stealth, the sensitively turns you to fast and not very smooth and slows down, while you still running about. The graphics of Destiny look great like the latest Halo video game that came out for the Xbox 360 and not much really change since then, the character model look nice and the hair do look very nice and you could almost see those individual hair strands, the environment is decent look and the enemy, look like it was taken from a sci-fi film. The sounds in Destiny pretty much the "okay" standard as you most hear sound effect from sci-fi film and any other video game, you will mostly hear grunts and taking damage while in game and there hardly any much explanation about the history in the game, but talk about the state their in it. Overall Destiny, is alternative game title to Halo series that been on the Xbox 360 but with elements like any current free-to-play video game that lets you choose how to take your on your own and go on mission with your friends and attack the enemy.

Gameplay: 6- Sensitivity is quite fast and it's not smooth when aiming down the sights and turning while sprinting is slower than staying still and turn.

Graphics: 8- Look exactly the cartoon series and when continuing combo, visual effects appears.

Sound: 7- Decent voice acting and good soundtrack with "okay" sound effects.

Value: 4- Very overwhelming if you don't know what to do and some class is better than others.

Total: 6.3