What do people think after playing the alpha?

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I have to say my opinion on the game has changed after playing it for the better. What about you guys?

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Agreed same here though I still think it doesn't look like a next gen, the ai is pretty dumb as well but the overall gameplay is solid, a day one buy for me.

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I went from being meh to deciding to buy it day one.

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I've always been amped for this game. That probably makes me a Bungie fanboy, but whatever. The game definitely delivers, but I do hope the AI is much smarter at launch.

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My opinion wasn't really changed one way or the other. This was just an Alpha, not even a Beta. I got the impression from the in-game statement that the point was mainly to test server load, so I don't expect the functionality was fully available. When the Beta is released I imagine that it will much more closely resemble the finished game, so I am holding my opinion for that. The multiplayer did let me know that I pretty much suck at competitive multiplayer shooters. I think the last time I played for an extended time was Quake II. Any tips? :)

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I did get an alpha invite but never got a chance to play, though I have sat down and watched a lot of the alpha footage that people put up. Game looks solid, I was always planning to get this title and nothing I've seen has changed my mind though I do have some concerns about balance. It's great that they will allow you to take gear you earn anywhere into PvP with you but at the same time that just seems like that will be impossible to balance and will really hurt anyone coming into the game later than others. I'm sure they have thought of this but there wasn't anything posted that talked to this point or stated how they plan to tackle that issue so I have concerns about it.

The free roam areas seem bigger than I though they would be so that is a plus, one of my concerns before seeing any real game play was that their so-called "open" areas would turn out to be fairly small. I'm glad to see it looks like I was wrong in that regard as there looked to be quite a bit of ground to cover and explore with a good mix of terrain and in door environments.

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Hmmm actually it was rather generic though, nothing really truly impressed me, but for an alpha...was way too functional and polished...I'm thinking it was the finished product in fact I am willing to bet it has been done for a year now at least.

I expect extremely high scores but after a few months like with halo 4, to start trickling in number of people actively playing.