Thought it looked like a generic fps

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Then I started playing it and I like all the customization you can do to your character. Plus it's just fun to play and the weapons feel they have weight to them.

Now this is my first impressions of playing the alpha for about 30 minutes but if the full game is like this then this is a day one purchase

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I must admit despite my grumblings the game is fun I too will be buying this day one, but still feel like it looks last gen, the maps are not really that huge doesn't feel like a huge open world game, it's cut in many segments.

The gameplay though thus far looks well done easily their best game in over a decade. Even puts halo to shame at least you can shoot heads off!

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I too used to be a skeptic like you, then I took a beta to the knee (old joke is old.) No but seriously this game was some great fun and i'm getting it on the Xbox 360 then planning on moving to the Xbone. It does allow cross gen character movement but you can't expect them to make cross platform a thing what with the Console Wars. Day one purchase confirmed. *DESTINY INTENSIFIES*