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Systematic Chaos

Greetings Reader,

Hello I am Makro_47, the found of the ps4 exclusive clan you are reading about currently. Being humorous and fun is expected in our members as well as our zero tolerance rule of trolling. We will be a Pve focused clan that Pvp's often. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, or our occasional player you are accepted with us. We help and watch each other's back while we all become legend together. Thank you for taking the time to read about our fun, social clan that will be featured in Destiny. Hopefully you are thinking about joining our clan on 9/9/14 and have an awesome gaming experience with us.


There is a zero tolerance rule for trolling, now i'm not saying we can't have fun and mess with each other, but do it at a respectable level. Assimilate other as often as we group up with each other and get stuff done. Show people that [ SC ] is a respectable and awesome clan. Last but not least kick major ass in everything we do.

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If you are interested ^ message me on the playstation network. Gamertag: Makro_47