Phantom - Elite/Hardcore PvE Raiding - Server Firsts (xbo)

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Phantom will be a clan pushing PvE progression. Keeping the member list light and focusing more on its core members who are online daily. Raiding spots will be determined on skill and attendance, plain and simple.

Hardcore, Epic, Elite, Legendary, are synonymous with Phantom.

Phantom leadership has been in many end game MMO guilds/clans (Also recruiting for leadership). We will be on the forefront of progression every content update, expansion and sequel.

If you want to be online prepping to raid the new dungeons the minute the game update download becomes available and installs gearing up in the phattest loot - then this is the clan for you.

Mic required and 18+ only. Daily raids will be scheduled pending member availability.

Phantom will harbor the best players on the server (personally I KNOW I will be one as I have before in many other MMO's). Looking for players with similar end game expectations.

Website is a work in progress. NEED ADMINS(LEADERS) AND ARTISTS!

A bit about me:

Raided Vanilla, TBC and WotLK WoW - was in the #1 guild on the server for each.

#1 3v3 Arena Team during both TBC and WotLK

Level 50 Halo 2

Level 50 Halo 3

Pro at dota and HoN since both versions were in beta.