Only on consoles, thus no mouse, thus no thanks

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Good article about Titanfall and Destiny. I've immediately added Titanfall to my watchlist, then when I looked Destiny up to add it, I found out there is no PC version planned. So I really don't care if it's going to be the best shooter since sliced bread. Guess what, Bungie? I have stopped playing FPSs with a gamepad since Halo 1 and Killzone 1. I simply have not touched any of the awesome FPSs released only on consoles, and I own both, PS3 and X360. Oh yes, I do. But it is a matter of principle: I do NOT play FPSs without a mouse and keyboard. Period.

So maybe yes to Titanfall, definitely no to Destiny. No, but no thanks.

And yeah, happy profits from folks who think they're saving money by buying a console rather than a gaming PC, then buying overpriced, aim-assisted games for it. Hah!

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You're just jealous! that's it =)

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madness aside,i agree with your central point of argument

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I haven't played a pc games in years don't see the point to them. give me a console game any day. game controllers I feel make the game better at least for me anyway. i never liked using a mouse there just to inaccurate for my for I'll never play a pc game a again.

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resident_jisen, I get what you mean. I've had one console of my own, my entire life: a Dreamcast. And I very much enjoyed it, the time that I did spend on it, as unfortunately it died far too quickly. Jet Set Radio was awesome, some Resident Evil 3 and a miscellanea of others were always pleasant as I wasn't used to playing consoles. I had played consoles before, on occasion, either a recent one at a friend's for a jiffy or an old one of my brother's, such as the Master System 2. But this was a different experience and I enjoyed it. A game like JSRadio is played better on a pad and even RE3 felt good to play as I sat comfortably on the living room couch and watched my game on the TV, farther away than usual. Disc 1 of Grandia II was also an enjoyably different experience, it being a console j-RPG -- Disc 2 was unreadable; most of the games I played on it were borrowed. :V

Having said that, the PC continues to be my preferred and foremost gaming platform. I can do so much more on the PC, which I've learned to use since I was but a wee kid. Consoles have been trying to catch, gaining more and more functionality, but it's never the same. And if you know how to build-buy a PC, you can get a much better deal than buying a recent console, [b]even[/b] if you know how to get hold of burned console game discs. Because in the end, whatever you can do on the console, you can do better on the PC, with the exceptions that are certain games, like racing ones. But to work, to take notes, to browse the interwebs, the PC is vastly more practical. I've felt very tempted by consoles, but I've never doubted that the PC was still the best for gaming, for someone who's familiar with it as I am and isn't a fan of the more simpler games that are often made for consoles. Even during the recent dark age of the PC, where so many seemingly great releases were kept away from that platform, which now seems to happen less frequently, even then did I find PC to be the platform for me. As enjoyable as a pad can be, being on the couch, playing on the teli, I always feel more in control of the interactivity with a mouse and a keyboard. And this is triply so for an FPS. RTS also can't be properly played with a pad. And top-down view RPGs as well, unless they're simpler, console-oriented.

Not to mention I have my classics on the PC as well, which I very much enjoyed in my youth and occasionally get a kick in replaying. There's always more that I haven't gotten around to or even thought of. Console classics? Whether I played them a bit, more than a bit, or I just know of them and never got to play, emulators available on the PC allow me access to them all, nowadays. And the only reason you don't proper emulators for the PS3 and X360 is because they intentionally constructed them to work, well... essentially differently than a PC, data is processed in a different pattern or some such. Which basically implies that emulation has to [i]translate[/i] the processing to one that is apt for the PC, which requires hardware that is exponentially more powerful than the respective console's. It's very impractical, thus there's little interest in making such a difficult emulator, especially when there's already so much available, of which the Wii is included, by now.

Consoles can server as great side-platforms. If you're a gamer, you're better off having and taking a console with you than a laptop, unless you require one for other purposes. For people who are absolutely uninterested in anything other than the gaming, they're the better choice, too. But for the rest of us, they can't possibly be the main platform.

TL;DR: good games on consoles, but they ain't for FPS, RTS and old-style western RPGs.

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pc game no longer impress me, they used to be the best of the best offer the best games in some ways they do, but the ones they used to make having a pc mandatory for a gamer who lets say likes solid strategy games have been screwed over for years now, no more awesome star wars, or star trek games though the trek games have never been good unless a dedicated modding team worked on it armada 2 fleet ops comes to mind I play that religiously almost every day after work or on the weekends when I have time off.

console games are still the best they offer the most fun for what they do best, that is fps and frankly open world games.

be pouty and refuse to buy if you want though I call bs and think you will buy it anyways after you see how much you can do on this game being on a console. It's pretty epic.

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If you want it on PC... because Activision's probably expecting someone else to pay for the PC port and Valve needs more reasons to delay Half-Life 3. :x