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I already posted this at bungie, but im simply trying to get this out there. IF anyone is interested in joining my clan link is below. Already have 8 players trying to get as much as possible for Sept.

See you guys out there!

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This is our mission statement if anyone is interested on joining the clan,

We are a PS4 PVE Clan. We do enter PVP matches on occasion, but its not definitive of who we are as a clan. When we do PVP, we try our best to work as a team.We strive to be awesome without being elitist. Prisoners of War is a mature clan for all types of players and all levels of commitment. We want to be a place where you can always find someone to get things done. Some of us want to goof around exploring, discovering and socializing, some want to take on the hardest raids and aim for world firsts. Remember we're here to have fun. The strength of the pack is important to us.Also, having a mic is very important for this game.See you guys on the battlefield, and remember Leave No Man Behind!!!

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Is there an equivalent for xbone?