Cant say this interest me at all

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I dont really know much about this game, but it looks really bland too me. Like an average sci fi shooter...which you could say Bungie has done for a decade now. Maybe not average but they haven't done anything specially new or interesting since halo 2 in my opinion.

This game being made for multiple platforms too me just means it's gonna suffer for it. If they were to have made it designed only on the next gen consoles the visuals likely would have been more impressive, but right now this game looks really ugly too me. I'm just not sold on this, Bungie has long since lost what made them so special in my opinion, Halo combat evolved too me is still there best game released, and they never tried anything new or did anything better than there first game in my opinion that is.

I cant say I'm not gonna get this but I'm not in any hury or even have a desire for the game at all, the graphics looks subpar, I dont see any special physics or ai that is above everything else right now. For something they have been working on forever now, it doesn't look like anything special.

I'll give it a chance though so dont get all mad at me, I just not excited about it. Personally I rather see more survival horror games for the next gen than more shooter games, when I say survivor horror I dont mean just running away from some scary dude and hiding in a corner, and I dont mean the way re 5 and 6 does horror or dead space, but I mean the old classic silent hill games where you are alone with a number of weapons to defend yourself but despide all the ammo you have and weapons you still feel like wetting your pants. Horror games have stopped being scary and interesting, I want to bring back the old school survival games like silent hill and early resident evil series.

On a shooter note lets bring back gears of war and forget that pathetic judgement game ever was released and bring back gory and humor in shooters. Battlefield looks interesting but cod has had too much time in the sun I think that series needs to be put to rest for the good of gamers everywhere.

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Really no one is interested in posting in the forums anymore not even for a game hyped like destiny? Man ign and gamespot are pretty much dead anymore.

I will say I'm no longer gonna buy the game obvious they are somewhat rebelling from microsoft for making them work on halo for so long so putting most of the work on the sony obviously best to get it for the ps4 if you want the best quality but seriously I recommend for people to believe in renting again, it used to be huge back in the old school gaming days about a decade ago or more. Now people just buy it hoping it doesn't suck. We need better rental companies that give us more than just one week to rent a game and for it to be cheap, after we decide it's worth replaying plenty of times then I will buy it. I'm gonna save a lot of money this gen thats for sure.