Can someone explain how does gamespot's rating work??

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Ok, first off, Destiny just may be the game where i put more hours of gameplay than any other. It's a clean 9, for me. The perfect 10 would be a little farfetchd, IMO. I've made good friends in Destiny community. I mean, real life friends! The downside is the cost of all the DLCs.

But all of that is off the topic (sorry)! The real question is: how come this game is a 6.8 in the players opinion?? If gamespot sees it as a 6 (fair), ok, they get to rate ir as they see fit.

However, if you just see how we, gamers, rated Destiny, you'll notice that 596 people have rated it 6 or lower. And 1.089 people have rated it 7 or higher. So, you see, i don't have a MIT masters degree on advanced math or anything, but i just don't see how those numbers add up.

Does anybody??

(Please overlook any spelling mistakes, i'm brazilian and i self-learned english (over 15 years, lol). Just enough to get by, you know?)