Desktop Dungeons Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Spend piety on two different gods in one dungeon Apostate
    Reach 25 maximum mana Archmage
    Spend at least 300 gold on preparations for a single dungeon run Boy Scout
    Block 1000 points of regeneration with burning or poison Cauterise The Wound
    Kill an enemy seven levels above you Colossus Crusher
    Replace a locker item when all guild slots are full Difficult Decisions
    Complete all silver challenges Dungeoneer
    Kill an enemy three levels above you Goliath Gutter
    Complete all gold challenges Guildmaster
    Complete all bronze challenges Hero Literate
    Unlock the Half-Dragon How Did They Even ...
    Break completely through an enemy's physical or magical resistance Irresistible
    Gain a level in the middle of a fight to defeat a regular level 10 boss Level Cannon
    In a standard dungeon, kill any enemy with the Burning effect by striking another foe Look Ma, No Hands
    Spend 100 hours in the dungeons Masochist
    Kill an enemy one level above you (any standard dungeon) Monster Masher
    Immediately convert ten items bought from standard dungeon shops No Returns Policy
    Petrify an enemy, then earn more than double its experience value on your next kill One Weird Trick
    Reach 150 total damage One-Inch Punch
    Spend piety on four different gods in one dungeon Polytheist
    Earn extra experience from five enemies in a standard dungeon run while they're slowed Popcorn Bowl
    Destroy ten walls with PISORF in one standard dungeon run Punchomancer
    Get 6 full conversions in one dungeon run Recycler
    Have Might, Death Protection and Stone Skin active at the same time (from glyphs or other sources) RoboCop
    Fully upgrade your Kingdom Sim City
    Upgrade any hero guild to level 3 Sponsor
    Kill an enemy nine levels above you Supreme Slayer
    Reach 200 maximum health Tank
    Unlock the Goatperson Thank You!
    Discover all god likes and dislikes Theologian
    Unlock the Gorgon Thousand Pound Stare
    Kill an enemy five levels above you Titan Toppler
    Use five different poison cure methods in a single dungeon run Typhoid Mary
    Waste fewer than 50 tiles of regeneration to win a standard dungeon run Waste Not, Want Not
    Unlock the Vampire You Suck

    Contributed by: Guard Master