Yeahhhhh if you want repitition, get this game

User Rating: 3 | Demon's Souls PS3
As i enter the perilious castle with hordes of undead minions swarming in front of me, i think, "heh, this is gonna be fun".

I slash through the undead with abandon taking no hits as im to powerful and agile to be hit. With the hallway cleared i round the corner, an undead beast silently waiting for me behind some barrels. I stalked towards him as he just stands there staring at me. I pull my blades and prepare for my finishing move. He throws a flame bomb to the ground which in turn ignites the gunpowder filled barrels. I burn to a crisp. THE END

Thats how this game is. Your having a great time enjoying everything till something completely unforgiving happens, killls you, then its over. You then have to start from the very beginning and redo EVERYTHING that you had previously worked so hard to complete.

Now i understand this is some kinda special "niche" game thats not for everyone. And that is the reason why im reviewing it. Think of it in terms of other games, for example in World of Warcraft your at level 79 3/4ths of the way through. And for those of you who play wow, you know how long it takes at that level. When all of a sudden you get overwhelmed and killed by hordes of minions and then have to start over from the beginning of your level. What kinda fun is that?

If this game is meant to teach us videogamers how to be more careful or to teach us the wisdom of patience then it failed miserably on my part. It did however teach me that i will from now on rent a game before i believe all the hype and purchase it outright.