The much acclaimed souls franchise begins here.

User Rating: 8 | Demon's Souls PS3
And it was here in 2009 in the game Demon's Souls that acclaimed Souls saga begins, and the game sold a lot for its difficulty, is the game really that difficult? The answer is yes, but if you compare with the Dark Souls trilogy, and also Bloodborne, in my opinion, Demon's Souls is the easiest of all, even if the game has a well-played gameplay, most of the Boss are not as Hard, just 2 boss I really had a lot of trouble, the first Boss for example I found it very easy, just need a little patience, since it is a little time consuming, of course it has complicated parts, nothing else I spent in a Bloodborne for example, the graphics are a bit outdated, and the customization system is acceptable, the quality of the cutscenes are very good, and in a matter of plot, Demon's Souls is the easiest to understand, and so is what it has for me The best narrative, the atmosphere is incredible, seeing several castles and ruins, every place you go is very well made, and the game has a very somber mood, and the plot is also very dark, and the soundtrack of the game is Very good. Note 86