having trouble wih controls..please help

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  I just strted playing Demons Souls, and here is the problem I am facing.

The game is hard enough as is, but what really is pissing me off is the controller inputs gettings registered, which I never initiated.

For e.g.

Just now I noticed that I am continously eating up that life saving grass, while I never clicked the Square button, this happens quiet often while in combat over the bridge just before the Tower Knight, where instead of running I start eating Grass, and I get killed.

And sometimes, the character just starts swinging the knife, while I dont even press any buttons. These wrong controller inputs getting registered has killed me many times, I really want to put an end to ths problem.

What i want to know is, if, is there any bug in the game or is it a problem with my controller.

Please help me.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks guys.

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Have lock on attack when you're fighting the tower knight?

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I think it's a problem with your controller. Do you have a friend who has a controller you can borrow, just to test out if you're still having the same problem?