Faith build vs Dex build for first time player

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I just picked up DS and I'm currently in the earlier stages of the game. I picked the soldier class because I heard it's easiest to get a feel for melee combat.

After a serious bit of messing around in the first level(s) of every world, I am currently a soul level 44 with these stats:

Vit: 24

Int: 18

End: 20

Str: 18


Mag: 10

Fth: 10

Luck: 10


I want to take this in either a faith or a dex direction.  Keep in mind: the primary purpose of this build is to BEAT THE GAME, while the secondary purpose is mess around a bit in NG+ with some PVP thrown in for good measure. I'm not one to beat games like these more than once, so this is likely the only build I'll be playing.

Should I go with faith or dex? why?

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faith has its good perks and I would recommend it more for PvE, and I would recommend dex build for PvP (which we all know its far past dead)

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sucks since Im thinking about buying a PS3 this weekend with this game but as long as the game plays like dark souls and the PvE is as addicting and challenging, Ill be more than happy.

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You are not a pure dex or faith with those stats To beat the game go faith but you need a faith weapon Dex built are deadly in pvp only with lots of practice if built pure not that good if you just play the game like you kill fast but die fast