Extremely fun game that was underlooked

User Rating: 10 | Demolition Racer: No Exit DC
Pro's: very fun and addicting. fast paced
decent graphics and car damage for an old game
decent sound effect and music
good selection of cars and tracks and game modes.
extremely addicting and fun

Cons: none that i could find

when i was shopping for dreamcast games on ebay, i came across this game, it caughy my attention immediatly. needless to say, i wasnt let down, and i could go on how fun and amusing this game is. great selection of cars and tracks, good graphics and awesome car damage for a game of this age. also good for multiplayer, if ya have a friend over for a day or two. can be a little challging at times, but not to hard

overall a very good game, that was severly underlooked. i would definatly reccomend this game, its not a letdown in anyway. great for when friends are over and you want a cool multiplayer game.