Repetitive at times, but still incredibly addicting.

User Rating: 8.6 | Demolition Racer: No Exit DC
Do you like racing games OR demolition derby games? Either way, you'll like Demolition Racer. It's pretty simple. You are one of 16 racers. Your goals are to finish the race and to crash into your competitors. You won't succeed unless you do both. You get various points for different ways you crash your competitors. You get more points for doing extensive damage, spinning them, etc... Then depending on what position you finish the race in, you get a 'multiplier'. The better your position, the higher the multiplier. So you have to have a good multiplier with a good crash rating to proceed to the next race. It makes the game challenging, and very fun. There are arena competitions too, where it's a last-car-standing type of competition. It's the same concept, the longer you last, the higher the multiplier.

Unfortunately, as fun as this is for a while, it does get old if you're having difficulty progressing. The first couple of series' are okay, because you need to finish in the top three to proceed to the next race, so you don't have to be perfect. But then it gets more tough, until you have to be number ONE just to get to the next race. WHY did they have to do this? I don't know, it kind of ruins it. It's just too hard to get first place in this game once you get to the harder races. But regardless, this game is a lot of fun. It's one of those games you can hold on to forever, pop it in every once in a while and play just for some quick fun. The graphics are excellent for the DC. Especially considering there are 16 cars racing around, bouncing off of each other, and there's no lagging. The sound isn't bad too, although the music can get repetitive if you're having a tough time getting past a track.