Demolition Man Cheats For Genesis

  1. Level Skip

    Start a regular game and pause it during gameplay. Then press: left, right, A, B, B. Unpause to skip to the next level.

    Contributed by: expensivegift 

  2. Password to last level (easy).

    Set the game to Easy, then insert: GL9C92KGM

    Contributed by: steamliner88 

  3. Free lives

    Pause the game and press C, A, B, A, Left. When you unpause the game you'll gain one life. You can repeat the code as much as you want before unpausing the game to gain one life for each time you press this combination.
    You can use also B,A,B,A, Left to get the same result.

    Contributed by: Whipontech 

  4. Level Select

    At the title screen, press A, C, Up, Right, Left. Then go to options and choose the level.

    Contributed by: oblivion from aoc 

  5. Free Weapons and Grenades and Refill Health

    Pause the game then enter one of the following codes to get the desired effect:

    Effect Effect
    B, B, left, up, up Get 5 Grenades
    C, C, left, up, B Get the Shotgun
    B, B, left, up, down Max Health

    Contributed by: Whipontech 

Demolition Man Cheats For 3DO

  1. Blood Code

    At the title screen, hold R and rotate the D-pad clockwise until 7 splashes of blood appear on the screen. This will allow you to see blood when you shoot someone in the game.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Stage Select

    Pause the game and press:

    L, A, Up, Down, R, Up

    The passcode box on the screen will change to read: #PWR to indicate that the code is in place. While the game is still paused, press and hold B to get the level select to appear in the password box. With B still being held, press Up or Down to choose a stage, then release B to warp there.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  3. Debug Mode

    Press P to pause game play. Then, press LS, A, Up, Down, RS, Up to activate debug mode. The last three letters of the password will change to PWR to confirm correct code entry. Press B + Up or B + Down to scroll through the levels and screens, which will appear in the password box. VRGN 1 through VRGN 5 are five secret Doom-like levels that are modeled after the interior of Virgin Studios.

    Effect Effect
    CRDTS displays the Credits screen.
    GMQVR displays the game over scene.
    GMWNNR displays the game winning scene.
    SCQRS displays the High Score screen.
    LSTNG#BTH displays the Listening Booth. Press Left or Right to
    OPTIONS displays the Options menu.
    PASSWQRD displays the Password Select screen.
    LQGQS displays the Q Sound logo screen.
    TTLSCRN displays the Title screen.

    Contributed by: Peter9MM 

Demolition Man Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Cheat Codes

    During gameplay, pause the game and enter one of the following codes for the desired affect:

    Effect Effect
    L, UP, L, L, A, B, Y Gives 3 gas bombs
    Down, R, A, B Gives 5 grenades
    L, A, R, Down Gives body armor
    B, Up, R, Y Gives extra life
    A, R, Up, B, A Gives pistol
    A, R, A, B Gives shotgun
    B, A, R, Down Recover health
    Y, A, R, Down Skips level

    Contributed by: oblivion from aoc 

Demolition Man Cheats For Sega CD

  1. Level Skip

    Enter the following code during gameplay:

    Effect Effect
    Press Start, Left, Right, A, B, B, Start Level skip

    Contributed by: BXBomber