User Rating: 9 | Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan PC
After reading some of the reader's reviews it is clear that some people narrow down RPG to their small vision. As I grwe up with CRPG's as Larn, Moria, Nethack I find that Demise and Mordor (the first release from David Allen in 1995) very good and after all those years these are the games that I put on evry new computer I have owned or still own and play them both on regular base (o and they even work good under WinXP). Despite the simpel looks there is a lot under the hood that is quite interesting and I mean statistics (I love this!). It is terrible that people judge games by their appearences (as I say to my customers: if you want good graphics, buy a DVD!). The Gamespot reviewer would do better if he changed job and become a DVD-reviewer, he has no understanding about gameplay.