Demntium 2 is a gruesome and enjoyable package however caries some flaws and not much gameplay.

User Rating: 7 | Dementium II DS
Dementium 2 is the sequel to gruesome first person shooter Dementium: the ward. It picks up right where Dementium left off, however is still available to newcomers. For anyone who doesn't know, Dementium is a first person shooter for the ds that contains alot of blood and gore. If you are freaked out by this or find yourself uncomfortable while viewing, I'm afraid Demenitum is defeinitely not the game for you. If you don't mind it, you will find that Dementium offers immersive and enjoyable gameplay that, despite it's flaws, is worth your money.

Dementium 2 keeps the usual shooter control set, with your d-pad being used to move, your touch screen being used to aim and jump, and the l button to shoot. Like all ds shooters, this works quite well. Dementium 2 has many ups and a few downs, however the ups definitely out weigh the downs. The game play of Dementium 2 is enjoyable but also scarce. Dementium 2 has very short campaign mode that is easily finished in under 10 hours, containing only five chapters, which was very disappointing. Dementium 2 also lacks a bit in terms of graphics when compared to other ds shooters released in it's time frams, such as Call of duty: Black Ops and Moon, both containing a higher resolution then Dementium 2.

The soundtrack of Dementium 2 is quite intriguing and gives the player a better understanding of the surrounding environment. What I found disappointing was that every time you were in range of an enemy, a battle soundtrack automatically sounded before you had the chance to see the enemy, ruining any sort of enemy surprise or sneak attack.

Another disappointing feature in Dementium 2 was it's lack of multiplayer. Dementium 2 offered no multiplayer at all, meaning that after you finish the short campaign mode, the survival mode was all that was left. The survival mode was entertaining and offered extra gameplay after completing the campaign, however could have been harder to extend the amount of time one could spend on the game.

In a nutshell, Dementium 2 is short but sweet. The gameplay is very entertaining and gruesome, and despite it's very few flaws was very addictive for the small amount of time that you would spend to complete it. The game lacked in that it didn't have graphics as good as other shooters available and had no form of multiplayer, leaving the player with no material left to play once they had completed the campaign and survival mode. If you are a fan of shooter games and gore material, than you should snap this up right way, however if you would prefer something that offered a wider variety of gameplay modes and more replay value or a longer adventure, then stay well away from Dementium 2.