This game is amazing, pushing the DS to its limits. However, they still don't have replay value down.

User Rating: 9 | Dementium II DS
So this game is awesome. It's highly detailed for the DS, gameplay is fun, and it's genuinely scary. It has all that it needs to make a great horror game, let alone an amazing game by itself. Though it has a "survival mode", the replay value just isn't there. Once you beat the game and the survival, there really isn't anything left to do. But don't let that discourage you! This is definitely worth renting or borrowing for a friend.

Now the gameplay is as good as it gets for the DS, utilizing the touch screen to look around, the D-pad to move, and the bumpers to fire. A, B, X, and Y aren't really used at all, unless you play lefty. This game has a perfect environment to scare, but also draw you into the story and your surroundings in the game. The monsters look better than the first game, and the sound quality was upgraded, giving a clearer in-game music to creep you out.

Overall, worth playing or even buying, but i suggest renting or borrowing because it truly is an awesome game.