Seriously? A 5 hours game with bland gameplay and unexistant plot,no terror, no diversity... what's to enjoy here?

User Rating: 4 | Dementium II DS
I know we don't want the ds to look childish and an fps on a portable console is something interesting but...this game is bad.

First, the gameplay, it's a basic shooter with jumping and ducking, it may work if the game was full of amazing and thrilling moments, but it's not.

You get different weapons while advancing through the stages, but guess what, the knife is the best one.
Yeah sure the assault rifle does more damage, but the knife has endless ammo and does a pretty good amount of damage, so it's what you'll end up using most of the time.

The enemies are repetitive and just silly. It tries to be scary but it's just not. There's an enemy that literally rofl's when you attack him, and looks like a pig. Yeah, i'm not kidding, he laughs and rolls on the floor when you attack him.

The plot...there is no plot, the game makes you think you will understand at the end, but the final cutscene is just nonsense, so in the end you feel like you just wasted your time.

And last but not least, I completed the game in 4hours 33minutes. Sure it felt like 20 hours because of how boring it was, but it's still not worth your money.