This game is a Survival Horror FPS Guilty Pleasure. Very good game

User Rating: 9 | Dementium II DS
I reviewed and own the first game so i figured it time for number two. This game is very fun and beats the first game.

Story: This game isn't amazing with story telling but it tries its best and expects you to pick up the story through reading notes hidden all over the game world. I found them all because im a gaming nut but for some players its too much work. You wake up in an insain asylum rying to recover from an operation. Then you escape and charge around the place trying to escape. Thats it.

Design: This game is a FPS for sure. Eventually I've noticed that the game became a first person slasher. Ammo is a rare thing to find in this game which adds to the intensity and there are some silent hill moments.

Presentation: For a DS game this game runs very smooth and looks great. Detail was added to this game to make it look nice. I wandered the halls of this demented game world and noticed alot of little details that weren't really needed to make it a great game.

This game is a very good game. Better than others I have played on the system. I would recommend getting the first game or borrowing it just so you can understand the games world. It is a must have for any hardcore gamer.