Improves On The First In Every Way

User Rating: 9.5 | Dementium II DS
Way, Way Back, I Saw One Video For Dementium: The Ward. It Looked Great. All This Time Later, I Hear That Dementium II Has Come Out. Where Did The Time Go?! So I Pick Up Both Of Them, And I Have To Say, After Finishing Both, Two Is Much Better Than One, And Is A Must-Have Game.

-I'll Start With A Technical Review-

Sound: 9/10
The Audio In This Game Is Amazing... Every Sound Effect Feels Right, And The Enemies Are All As Unique In Their Sounds As Much As Their Models. The Weapons, Besides The Buzzsaw, Sound Correct, And The Only Reason The Buzzsaw Sounds Off Is Because I Played The First One.

Graphics: 8/10
Way To Push The DS's Limit. The Graphics Are Some Of The Best Realism Graphics On The DS. All The Enemies Felt Lively, And Even If They Were The Guards With A Slightly Robot Movement, Flowed With The Enviroment Beutifully. I Was Very Impressed With The Prison, And To Be Honest, Pretty Creeped Out. I Liked The Improvements On Every Model I Had Come To See In The First Game, And The Snowy Outside Was Very Well Done.. Sadly, When You Are Chased Headfirst Into The Wall And See The Impressive Array Of Squares Creating That Lovely Wall You Aren't So Impressed... But Either Way, It's More Than Passable.

Sequences: 8/10
A Nice Part For Me Is The Animated Sequences Scattered Throughout The Game. The Camera Angles And Jerky Movement Are Signature To This Series In My Opinion, And It Returned Just As Nicely As The First Game. Sadly, There Is A Sort Of Flatness To Them, And I Believe They Are Compressed, As That Would Account For The Blur... Still, Everything Checks Out Fine.

Music: 10/10
Unsettling, Signature, And Just-Wrong. You'll Love It.

Control: 9/10
Perfect FPS Engine, It Just Needs To Add More Reason To Crouch... It Was Close To Useless In Combat. Everything Felt Alright After The First 10 Minutes Of Play.

Immersion: 10/10
I Just Played Beginning To End With Almost No Stopping. Everything Pulls Together Very Nicely And I Was Only Knocked Out Of Being William Twice. Once When I Climbed On A Table And Saw Through The Ceiling, And At The Games Climax.

Story: 5/10
I Was So Immeresed In Finding Who This Man Was... I Was Depressed About It Being Abruptly Dropped, With A Massive Lack Of The Story Halfway Through The Game. Seriously Depressing.

Series Story: 10/10
I Find Myself Wondering, Hoping That This Story Will Conclude In A Dementium III. And I Hope That Damned Doctor Is Killed, Whether He's William Or Not...

Conclusion: 9.5/10
I Felt A Little Cheated At The End Of The Game, Due To The Length, But Honestly, It's A Must Buy. Try To Get A Deal On It So You Don't Feel As Jipped As I Did And It's An Immensely Satisfying Game.

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