Delve Deeper Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Collect 10 fossil relics Archaeologist
    Kill 100 enemies Axe of the Great King
    Deposit 50 gold in the Gnome Bank in a single match Bank Bailout
    Play on the hardest AI difficulty Beardy
    Kill 50 dragons Big Game Hunter
    Kill a Dragon with a Scout Black Arrow Bard
    Collect 10 armor relics Blacksmith
    Collect 10 booze relics Brewmaster
    Play through the tutorial By Royal Decree
    Kill 25 mimics Check Your Baggage
    Kill 10 cubes or jellies in one match Cube Crusher
    Kill 100 dark traitors Cursebearer
    Kill 25 purple goblins in one match Deepwarp Domination
    Kill 25 gray goblins in one match Dirtgnaw Destroyer
    Kill 10 dragons in one match Dragon Age
    Kill 50 dark diviners Extra Heretical
    Sell 1000 relics to the Ooogler Eye of the Beholder
    Heal over 5,000 HP from Fairies in one match Fae Friend
    Turn in 'Fistful of Spiders' three times For a Few Spiders More
    Play a multiplayer game Friendly Competition
    Kill 200 goblins Gobbocidal Maniac
    Kill 500 enemies Hammer of Holy Dwarfkor
    Turn in a bogus relic He Chose... Poorly
    Critically hit 200 enemies I Roll 20s
    Turn in an epic relic It Belongs in a Museum!
    Collect 10 book relics Librarian
    Play a custom level Minecrafting
    Win a match without mining anything Opportunist
    Sell 20 relics to the Ooogler in a single match Pawn Star
    Turn in 'Jagrath's Balls' three times Power of the Voodoo
    Kill 10 gnome gnights Quaintly Quixotic
    Kill 25 green goblins in one match Rocksnot Rampage
    Collect all of the Runes Rune Mastery
    Win with a team of five fighters Shieldbearers
    Kill 100 slimes, cubes, or jellies Slime Splatter
    Get a fighter killed by a green slime. Slime's Sappin' Mah Sentry!
    Win a match without digging any new tunnels Soft Hands
    Win with a team of five scouts Speed Freaks
    Collect all original relics Spelunker Supreme
    Create a custom level Strike The Earth!
    Play a two-player match between the Red and Blue teams The Eternal Conflict
    Win a match by collecting only mithril The Good Stuff
    Turn in 'The Pink Pangolin' three times The Phantom
    Kill a Fighter with a Miner The Pick and the Dead
    Kill a Fighter with a Scout The Quick and the Dead
    Kill 100 gnome gnights Tilting at Windmills
    Win with a team of five miners Underminers
    Kill 5 goblin kings Viva la Revolution
    Turn in 'The Spammish Inquisition' three times We've Already Got One!
    Collect 10 weapon relics Weaponmaster

    Contributed by: Guard Master