Delta Force never lived up to my expectations

User Rating: 4.5 | Delta Force PC
Delta Force has got to be the most overrated and most disastrous game I have ever played. There are far too many glitches to rate it properly.

First, the graphics. If you want to see the worst graphics of 1998, then go buy Delta Force. Compared to modern games(like FarCry,Crysis,Halo) it seems like an ape. The texture quality might make you think that you are in some alien world.

Second, the gameplay. In spite of having a good theme of a special commando, the gameplay was more than disastrous, it was catastrophic. When you shoot an enemy in the leg, he dies murmuring something in a foreign language(I thought it was Arabic). Even if you shoot him in the head from the front, he will still keep murmuring it. If you shoot from a silenced pistol in the head, he will take two shots to die while one shot from a normal pistol in the hands will kill him. The commando can jump like a kangaroo and yet is carrying a large variety of weapons including pistols, assault rifles, SMG, bazookas, grenades, mines, C4 charges and a laser designator(even Arnold Schwarzenegger can't do that). A poor array of weapons to choose from and hopeless sound effect makes the game even more intolerable.

Third, the game's campaigns are disastrously small. I finished of all the campaigns in 18 hours in the max. difficulty mode. Just for fun I tried playing it with cheat codes in easiest mode and it took me less than an hour.

Lastly, I HATE THE HOSTAGES. The hostages seems to have an affinity of getting themselves killed. If I lead them in one direction, 9 out of 10 times, they will wander of into enemy fire and get themselves killed(At one point I got so irritated with them that I blew up all the hostages with a bazooka and happily failed my mission).

FINAL VERDICT:Don't buy it. Wait for someone to gift it to you if you at all want to check it out. However if your computer is around 10 to 15 years old, then I waiver that is the best buy you got. Either you buy Delta Force or get a high-end PC and believe me getting a PC will help you.