A good game which puts you right into the army tactical vibe, but lacks certain "realistic" features.

User Rating: 7 | Delta Force PC
Novalogic's Delta Force (1998) is a simple, yet enjoyable game. Choose your soldier, read the debriefing files, choose your weapons and you're off shooting enemies. Seeing that this game was released back in 1998, we can't see this as a bad quality, since back then the gaming public wasn't as demanding as it is today and we were happy just to bash the enemy with no required storyline or extra features.
The game contains 5 campaigns in different countries, which altogether sums up to 40 missions. Before each mission you are faced with debriefing. That means you are shown the satellite image of the area with terrain features, checkpoints, enemies and friendly units marked on it. You can read where you are inserted, where you are supposed to move and the same with your back-up friendly units. You are also given the information about enemy units and the storyline plot, which is nothing special, but just there to keep you going on with the game.
Afterwards you choose your weapons (1 of 5 rifles,1 of 2 bomb charges, rocket launcher or extra amunition and 1 of 2 pistols). As you see the assortment of weapons is nothing special and more or less you will find yourself playing with the same combination over and over again. 2 snipers are allright, but you run out of ammo pretty fast. 2 machine guns with no scope are useless in most situations, because you can't shoot enemies on long range. The way to go is the scoped machine gun, which has the best of both worlds. I can't imagine using bomb charges in this game (placed on the floor and activated to explode) since most of the battles are fought long range. You will usually take extra ammo or rocket launcher. The only choice in pistols are a standard pistol or a pistol with a silencer. But it makes no sense since you won't be using it at all (except when your rifle ammo is depleted).
Finally you begin the actual battles. The first thing you notice is the really poor quality of graphics, but the scenery is amazing and you can see that a lot of hard work was put into making it. The terrain really is a factor in this game and it's not just there to make it prettier. That is what makes this game enjoyable and more diverse. At each mission you have to tactically move through the terrain before you, using every gap, hill or plain field.
You move through the predetermined checkpoints (not necessary-giving you more freedom), eliminating enemy soldiers on the way and completing your objective at the objective checkpoint, then sometimes you have to fight your way through to the extraction point. Pretty simple. Enemies can be located in plain site, in bunkers or inside buildings shooting you from the windows.
The learning curve is great since each campaign is harder. In the first couple of missions you don't even know you can die from a single shot, but you soon realise it. At the last campaign (Russia) enemy snipers are actually almost quite as good shooters as you are and will often kill you before you even locate them. At times the game gives a reallistic simulation vibe with all the tactical maneuvers, chaos and being shot at and not knowing from where if you don't inspect you rear and flanks all the time. But it does contain a lot of arcade elements. You shoot enemies like they were practice targets and you kill from 25-50 soldiers per mission alone. The AI movement is impressive since they will often go around your position and come from you rear to surprise you, but sometimes they stand inside a building and shoot into the wall and when you come inside the just keep doing that or they look at you without shooting. At later stages all the battles are fought at long range and you just feel like shooting at dots all the time and you hit everything because you don't even need to hit the enemy to die. Even if you shoot a couple centimeters beside him, he still dies. And all enemies die from a single rifle shot.
This is why the game becomes really monotonous. You just shoot at distant dots and hope they wont hit you in the process. The shooting range is unreallistic. The terrain contains trees and cactuses to make you confused whether it is an enemy or not and to make you locate them later than you would in a desert terrain. After a couple of hours I was surprised at how skilled I got in identifying the enemy. I always instantly knew whether it was an enemy or a tree. I can honestly say this game really improved my senses.
All and all this is a good and enjoyable game, with certain problems and lack of features. You do get a genuine army feel with certain arcade disruptions. But this isn't a bad thing since not anyone wants to play a hardcore realistic simulation. The fact is arcades are more fun to play. Add some reallistic simulation elements and you've got a good game.
Delta force "almost" got the right ratio and is a decent game for being 12 years old. Decent, but not great.